Friday, March 27, 2009

WIP: Alborozo #1

An update! I threw out the whole sabino/rabicano thing entirely. He's also got a few health and sooty dapples.

He has pinking on his nose, but my lighting situation is blowing out the white. :(

This weekend is a big work weekend for me and my prepper, so expect a substantial update early next week. Can you believe NAN qualifying is almost over? And Breyerfest is practically around the corner!

Monday, March 16, 2009

RIP Badger Air Compressor (1998-2009)

After several years of loyal (if occasionally inconsistent and always noisy) service, my back-up air compressor (Ol' Blue) has gone to the big hobby shop in the sky. Which wouldn't be such a big deal if my primary compressor hadn't so recently bought the farm as well.

Rest in peace, good buddy. That is, unless someone in the Seattle area both A) can repair air compressors, and B) accepts model horses as a form of currency. Otherwise, expect to see some sales popping up here and MH$Ps this week.

ETA: It's a miracle! After letting Ol' Blue sit for a few days, it spontaneously started working again. I wasn't kidding about the inconsistent part...

WIP: I survived...

...walking pneumonia! Trust me, a fun time was had by all.

I quickly discovered the "walking" portion of the name was, at best, an exaggeration. More like shuffling-between-the-couch-and-the-studio pneumonia. Needless to say, it put a minor crimp in my production these last few weeks.

However, I have at least a small amount of work for show for my time. It's Salinero! And bananas!

Not the best show of my photography skills, for sure. I'll try to get some photos of him in my studio as he gets closer to completion.