Monday, January 31, 2011

Apoxie and Rubbing Alcohol

This is genius and I wish I'd thought of it first.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I read this! what a good idea..I always find making veins the way alot of people do it.. with the messo mix never works for me.. I tried this after I read it last month and it does work! and works well! I think its alot easier than messo.. for me messo comes off too easy but epoxy to epoxy and its on there good.. I don't have to worry if its not prefect. I can always carve a tiny but around the edges and then sand if I have to with one of my rio rhondo tools.. man I love those tools.. I don't think I could do remakes at all without them... well I could but it sure would be a heck of alot harder for me.. I even had gary make me some custom tips.. he will do this if you ask.. I have plans on trying to make some netukes someday ( tiny japanese type carvings made of wood bone or antler ) and I needed some really sharp tiny scraping tools made.. so far I have only used them for big sculpting.. so until I can afford the wood carving micro tools I also need I'll be using them for remaking.. I have one that makes great tiny lines.. like for around the eyes... anyways. yep it works really good!
Rebecca Turner