Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Love About Animal Artistry

You know what I love most about AA resins? They are similar enough to china that they are tough to repair. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but I can repair them and most people are willing to give away a broken AA. That includes this little guy:



You're not seeing things. It's another Marwari. My name is Laura and I have an addition.

This guy will fly off to Lauren Tapley Hoeffer early next week to get some new clothes. Lauren shares my obsession, which is why she traded me the paint work on Royal By Accident for the sculpting work on "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off", now a never-sell for her:


Speaking of Lauren, y'all should trot on over to her Facebook page, become a fan, and harass her until posts more photos of this girl. I'm just starting a boyfriend for Tequila, too, who will be named "You and Tequila Make Me Crazy".

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Bif said...

I firmly believe the reason tequila makes your clothes fall off is because you have just vomited on them. Me and tequila/no mix well!