Monday, February 21, 2011

Fake It Till You Make It

Casanova’s pattern is halfway to completion.

Ideally, my work flow with pintos is 1) map out the general pattern, 2) detail the edges of the pattern, 3) fill in the rest. With an airbrush when it’s easy to do without messing up the mapping or I'm feeling especially rushed (or lazy. I hate filling in white.)

I switched things up for ‘Nova so I could finish him in time for this weekend’s specialty show. Naturally, it’s a Light, Spanish, and Sport type only show and he’s a stock horse. I squeezed him in as a half-Morgan. Yeah for creative breed assignments. I even made fancy-shmancy documentation!

Fancy-Shmancy Documentation

I'm following my normal work-flow for the rest of this pattern. His current progress looks like this:


Last Alliance Studios said...

Oh I love that kind of pattern! His eyes are fantastic - they look right through you.

Two Fishies said...

I'm glad they worked out. Blue eyes are sooooo hard on models. Personally, I don't really like them on real horses to begin with. However, I found this great looking little colt at the barn one day with a pattern just like this and the most beautiful blue eyes. What a charmer. :)

MacKenzie said...

How do you get your gesso mapping so smooth?!
I keep getting a lumping, strokey mess!
I love the look of him - he's adorable :)

ardlamont said...

He is so beautiful... Love his eyes!!

(Dear 'Nova, Now, just follow the sound of my voice, and come move in with me!)