Monday, February 28, 2011

You Say Hoarding, I Say 'Savoring'

Three years ago, I came home from Breyerfest with eight Alborozos. At current count, I have five left to customize, many in various states of disassembly:


In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a huge collector of Eberls. For some reason, the pieces I want always seem to be sold out by the time they hit my radar. But there is just something about the way her work reproduces in plastic that calls to me and says “chop me up.” I think it’s legs. I hate sculpting/tweaking legs, so starting with nice ones makes me as happy as a pig in...mud.

So I’m taking my time finishing them up. I know I can get more when I run out, but not for the price I paid for them originally. The tickets were originally $80 each and I bought a few model only cards for ~$40 bucks. I think it was a smart investment and worth every second of ribbing I got for buying so many.

So now I’m debating what to do for Weather Girl. She’ll be unavailable for the next five years, BUT I’m sure she’ll come back in a big way in 2016. I’m leaning toward buying three or four, since space is at a premium in my garage as is. I need--NEED--to finish two for this year’s Breyerfest. My current favorite ideas are a big version of “Paris” and a purebred Arab with her head raised and on the bit.

For those who haven’t see her yet, this is the pic that’s flying around the interwebs:



Anonymous said...

This may be the ONE time I actually get a model I don't really like. Just for investment purposes... we'll see what happens when the time comes to purchase them at $45 a piece!

Kelsey said...

I just preordered a set, and will probably order another, with the idea of keeping the best/favorites OF and the rest for customizing. I hope she's pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like Thunderstorm. I might buy her to keep as is, and another one to customize.