Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gratuitous Horse Photos

Our pathetic attempt to get some decent conformation photos. First, the "stock horse pose":

This is supposed to be her "Morgan pose", but as you can see, her neck set comes from mama's side of the tree:

Just for fun, this is Abby, the horse in the stall next to Scarlett:


Unknown said...

Ahaha laura! that last pic is so funny! is that her tongue on the left side? that is so funny! horses can be so weird.. hey does she have any other weird markings on her body like the ones on her face ? Id love to see a whole body shot of her! and your mare is really pretty.. you could get her head up more morgan like .. you just have to know how.. even show morgans can stand with heads down like your mare is.. we have a really pretty palomino morgan gelding here who was bought when he was still a stallion and could have been kept a stud.. ( his full brother is on one of the islands standing at stud) he is really pretty but he has to be one of the most un-photogenic horses .. he always has his eyes half closed and his ears will kind of lop to the sides.. he is a funny horse.....I call him circus horse because he kinda looks like one I think.. he has the most pretty typey Morgan head. but try to get him to park out and stand up. looks like your mare.. there are tricks to it.. but she is really pretty even standing how she is.. is she half quarter horse then? she does take after that side of the family.. beautiful color! post more pics!!!
Rebecca Turner

Laura Skillern said...
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Laura Skillern said...

Yup, half quarter horse. When I picked her out, I didn't know she was half Morgan. I just thought she was a quarter horse with a really pretty head and neck!

She's not a big fan of parking out. A gal at the barn with experience showing Morgans showed me a few tricks to getting her to park out.

That's Abby's tongue hanging out the side. She's an adorable moderate overo and I'll try to get another pic of her markings.