Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Slog

For anyone not familiar with the traffic conundrums of the Pacific Northwest (I'm assuming that's...all of you?), "The Slog" is a harrowing strip of pavement that stretches between Seattle and Portland. This site sums up it's horror quite accurately. I was once stuck for 7 hours between "Sloggerville" and "Headquarters Roads" with a broken down truck and a three-horse slant, but that's a story for another day.

My next trip down The Slog is fast approaching, literally and figuratively. Next Thursday, I will once again make the arduous journey with a car packed with plastic ponies, this time for NAN.

After NAN comes the scary part. For me, those last few weeks before Breyerfest are like the last five miles of a marathon: I'm exhausted, I want it to stop, and I can't remember my own name. Everything tends to come together in those last couple days before the big event, but in between it's hard to see the forest for the trees.

I'm trying to make a point to finish one piece at a time so I can better appreciate my forward progress, but that plan seems to already have gone to hell. I'm sitting here sculpting a mini head, but I have no idea what custom it's going on (witness my decent into madness!)

I have almost completed exactly one drastic custom for BF live. Full photos to come, but for now, here is her face:

Click for big pic.


Erin Corbett said...

Yes, the drive from Seattle to Portland can seriously kiss my butt. I'm SOOOO happy that so many shows I went to this year ended up in Camas instead of Kent! w00t!

I am totally in love with your PAM still, by the way.

Laura Skillern said...

I've been going back in forth on her fleabits. I went for subtle, but they're not very smudgy and I'm thinking of trying something with some watercolor pencils instead.

Space permitting, I may bring her with me to make a cameo at NAN. ;)

Unknown said...

this is so funny and I loved that website! whats weird is I was born and raised in seattle or north of seattle are..I acutuly lived downtown or very close when i was little for a year or so... and except for moving ot phoenix for 8 years I have always lived in washington but i have nver heard that stretch called hte slog! lol and yes I have driven it too many tomes.. what a boring drive.. as bad as spokane to seattle.. I drove that one way too many tmes too nd ahted it... but thanks for that link.. that was a hoot.. what an imagination they had to make it all seem like were I still have to find time to watch a few more of the little movies of the areas on the route... Love the pam by the way! Have fin at nan ..I cant go .. and dam I had planned on it since it so close but too much going on .. so I cant. but have fun.. guess I will just have to save up and go sometime when they have it next to breyerfest so I can see both. take lots of photos! Hey I just had an idea.. all of us sculptor and painters her in the area should have a get togather some time.. and paint and sculpt and trade how to secrets! would be fun!!! think about it guys...
Rebecca Turner